The Hawaii Early Learning Profile® (HELP®)

The Hawaii Early Learning Profile® (HELP®) curriculum-based assessment tool is a product offered by VORT and will be used when creating goals and tailoring developmentally-appropriate interventions to meet the specific needs of your child. Below are some of the specific skills and concepts that the team at Brite Kids addresses through play:

  1. Cognitive (learning/play/problem solving): Regulatory/sensory organization, pretend play skills, container play, numbers, puzzles, matching and sorting, learning colors, size (stacking and nesting blocks), increasing focus and attention to adult-led activities, etc.
  2. Communication:
    1. Receptive (the ability to understand what is being expressed): Pointing to animal pictures and clothing items, selecting pictures involving action words, identifying body parts, obeying two-part (related/separate) commands, etc.
    2. Expressive (the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings): Working with your child's team to create an individualized functional communication system consisting of words, gestures, signs, visuals, etc.
  3. Gross Motor (large muscle movement): Mobility and transitional movements (crawling, cruising, etc.), walking/running, jumping, climbing, walking up and down stairs, throwing/catching balls, riding a tricycle, etc.
  4. Fine Motor (small muscle movement): Grasping a crayon/pencil, bilateral and midline skills, imitating horizontal and vertical strokes, building towers using cubes, using a foamboard and pegboard, stringing beads, cutting, etc.
  5. Social-Emotional (how the child relates to others): Addressing separation anxiety, promoting your child's independence and development of self, addressing emotions and feelings, turn taking, interactive play with peers and/or siblings, learning rules and expectations, helping your child engage in a play plan with a beginning, middle, and an end, etc.
  6. Adaptive/Self-Help (sleeping, eating, dressing, etc.): Putting on socks and shoes, zippering, buttoning, creating and implementing a meal plan, toilet training, etc.