Center-based Infant Development

Center-based Infant Development

Keany Associates Brite Kids Center-based Infant Development Program, located in our Westchester facility, provides play-based services for children ages 18 months – 36 months who are at risk, have developmental delays, or are typically developing.

Our small and large group rooms allow us to meet each child at his or her current level of development and give the children an opportunity to enhance their communication and play skills. We offer various staff-to-child ratios to meet each child’s individual needs and prepare them for a preschool environment.

  • Brite Kids 1:2 Ratio Program is two days a week (vendor #HW0524)
  • Brite Kids 1:3 Ratio Program is three days a week (vendor #HW0500)
    • Most of the small group rooms are designed for up to 4 children and 2 staff members.
    • Our Rainbow Group room is designed for up to 9 children and 3 staff members. This group serves to prepare children who are developmentally ready for the transition into a larger preschool program.

The team at Brite Kids team receives regular supervision and attends trainings throughout the year to ensure that they are implementing current best practices.

The Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP) curriculum-based assessment tool will be used when creating goals and tailoring developmentally-appropriate interventions to meet the specific needs of each child.

Additionally, the team at Brite Kids is trained to assist parents/caregivers with setting limits and being consistent, creating and implementing visual schedules, social stories and transitioning their child into a preschool program.

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Infant Development
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